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class_xml_checkThis class implements methods to check if a URL or file is well-formed XML. If not the class supplies methods to return the error message, line number and column number. If the source is well-formed the class provides methods to return the number of elements, attributes, text_sections, size of text sections and size of the XML document. It's based on SAX so it can check huge documents without a problem.

rss_feedAs an experiment I'm providing a RSS feed with information about new classes, updates and bugfixes. The feed is not intended as a catalog of classes. The feed will be updated at a weekly rate. The URL for the feed is http://phpxmlclasses.sourceforge.net/feed.rss

class_rdql_dbThis package provides two classes: RDQL_db is a class to store and retrieve (delete) RDF documents to a MySQL database. RDF documents are parsed and then stored as RDF statements. The second class RDQL_query_db implements the RDQL language for RDF documents stored with the first class. Since documents are parsed when stored the RDQL class doesn't parse the documents improving the querying speed.

class_rdql RDQL is a language similar to SQL for querying RDF documents. This class implements a generic RDQL engine and a RDQL engine to query RDF documents from URLs or files in the l ocal file system. Almost all the good capabilities of RDQL are implemented in this class.

class_path_parserThis class implements a generic event-driven parser. User functions can be asociated to specific XML elements indicated by a path, for example /foo/data/name. Whenever the parser detects an element matching a path the user function is called receiving the element name, attributes and its content (xml fragment or text). A function can handle multiple paths or you can use one function for each path. This class can be used to process huge files processing element contents later with Xpath, DOM or XSLT.

class_rddl_parserThis class implements a parser for RDDL documents. Documents can be parsed from the local file-system or URIs, once parsed a method let's you retrieve a PHP array containing all the "resource" elements found in the document. Each member of the array will be an asociative array describing the resource (link, title, etc).

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